How to get a list of pages and assets for a website?
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How can I create a list of URLs for all "pages" and assets on a website?

I want to crawl a website and extract the URL of every page (including querystring) and asset encountered into a text file, csv or Excel sheet that I can manipulate.

I use WinHTTrack for my general page crawling needs, but it doesn't quite seem to give me what I want. Can anyone direct me to some software that already does this or do I have to write it myself?
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Best answer: If you can obtain a copy of wget, use the --no-verbose option to reduce the amount of logging clutter. It will take care of the page crawling as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks, mkb. That helps.

Your suggestion led me to find this PHP app:

which gives you a leg up in composing the wget command and extracting the urls from the log output.
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