reliable rss-to-email service?
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Can anyone recommend a reliable service that forwards RSS updates to email?

I keep track of blogs, magazines and mefi threads by having the RSS updates forwarded to my email. It used to work fine with, until they changed their site. Now nothing seems to work. I have tried, FeedBlitz, and (BTW, I use a mail without a spam filter for this, so my mail is not the problem).

Any reliable service out there?
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Best answer: Try yahoo pipes.

Some examples using RSS to mail.

I use this to email me some pretty infrequently updated feeds and it works for me.
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Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but google reader is a pretty good RSS aggregator...
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Have you tried rss2email?
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chrisamiller: I don't know about the original poster, but in my case I *could* set that up but I'd rather have something hosted by someone else.
posted by curious_yellow at 6:50 AM on December 10, 2008 is what I have used. used to be the best thing for this, but NBC Universal bought it and shut it down.
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Ack, sorry to post the obvious.

What issues are you having with I had an issue with them in September, but they have worked fine since then.
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Response by poster: soelo, The problem with rssfwd is that I'm not getting updates. They used to be great, but then they changed their format (I think they were sold) and I found them not to be reliable.
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Response by poster: curious_yellow, I too would like to have someone else host the service.
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Response by poster: giving yahoo pipes a try.
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I had the same problem with a number of rss to email services (rssfwd included) and never found a solution. From a recent metatalk thread, I found Feed My Inbox which has worked well so far.
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Have you upgraded your profile since September? stopped working for me too. I had to log in and have them import my old subscriptions to my new profile. I don't know why they didn't announce the change.

I have found a few others:

and here is page that lists some more:
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Response by poster: yahoo pipes seems to be working so far (cross my fingers and marking kaydo as best in hope this will keep up).
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