Where to find last year's Furla handbag
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Help me find a great handbag for my wife! I've really taken a liking to the Furla Frida as in this Sartorialist pic (handbag on the left). I can't find it anywhere as it came out last year (except for $600 in the UK). I've done all of the top line google searches etc... Please post suggestions of places to look or for similar items if you know of any. I'm also in LA if there are appropriate brick and mortar solutions. Used is great too.
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How much are you willing to spend? I'm guessing less than $600? A nice looking leather bag for $600 is a total steal, especially if it is in good condition.

If you don't want to spend more than $600 I'd go with used. You can always take it to be refinished.

For a super cheap, authentic, pretty cool, but definitely more rugged/masculine bag (which she can easily pull off if she is seriously hip and/or seriously feminine) take a look at the bags/pouches at Deutsche Optik.
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I'd like to stay around the $400 range if possible. The Optik stuff looked cool but it's a bit more me than her as I'm always a sucker for vintage military leather/cow hide bags. Thanks for the suggestion - may buy something for me.
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Similar is this Latico brand bag that I have exactly: here.
I've had it for a year and I am so so happy with it. It has the same color and general style as the one you are looking at, with some different details. I'd really recommend this one, and I spent way more for mine.
The color is lighter than it looks in that image, it's a rusty orange but bright and not dark.
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Hayden Harnett has a lot of cute bags. sort of pricey but sign up for their email list & you get advance notice on really good sales.. I have one from there I think I paid $150 for it, was maybe $350 originally?
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There is definitely some sauce at Hayden Harnett, I'll keep that in mind. Keep them coming!
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That style is almost a bowler bag. Here's a search for them - with a few options. That site is great too - can scan through photos really quickly and they present the cheapest option that's known to them.
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Definitely try ebay - two years ago I bought a new-with-tags previous year's Furla bag for a reasonable price. I think lots of smaller boutiques post their wares on there, particularly old stock. You might have to keep your eye on ebay for a while, but it's worth checking out.
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Etsy has exhaustive handmade and vintage fine handbag choices. The one I linked to was one of 222 "large leather handbags" in the handmade section--I thought it was in the spirit of the Furla bag. You can sort your etsy searches from "high to low" prices to avoid scrolling through smaller, cheaper pieces. Also, most sellers ship anywhere--the bag I linked to is shipped for $12.00 anywhere in the world. Happy Hunting!
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Outlets. We have a Furla outlet in Texas.

I haven't found the same in LA, but you have Coach, Kate Spade, Cole Haan and Michael Kors at the Camarillo Premium Oultets. You might have luck at Nordstrom's Rack or the Saks outlet (their selection is generally terrible, but they carry a wide selection of brands) If you look out for their sales, it's normal to get 40% off outlet prices. It's been a relief on my Kate Spade addiction.
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get yourself down to the fashion district. kukuly's is one place where my wife has been buying purses/handbags recently.
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Buy ANY at Hermes. ( brown, beige or black )She will keep it forever and think of it as the most beautiful , elegant ,and toughtful present.

Give her ths book too.

(Guide of elegance) Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

I have given you my best treasure as advice.
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