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Looking for a $15-25 white elephant gift that starts with the letter D

My extended family holds a white-elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve, and this year the rules have been changed so that your gift must not only fall in the $15-25 range but must also start with the same letter as your first name. The evil trio that is myself, my father, and my brother start with "A," "J," and "D," respectively. We've had no trouble with A and J, but somehow we're stuck on a good "D" gift.

Basically, I need ideas for something either incredibly awesome or incredibly not-awesome that starts with D and can be acquired within the price range. The participants are family, and while most are delightfully liberal and open-minded, keeping things family-friendly is a must.

Also, the "D" name should apply as closely to the gift as possible. Categorical things like giving a "D"VD will invite mockery and ridicule, so something with a more specific title/name beginning with D would be preferable.
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A set of Dominoes? I bet you could find some hella tacky ones.
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If you guys are liberal in the political sense, how bout celebrating a Democratic win this Christmas with a Democratic donkey doll (or bobblehead, among what are sure to be countless other variations)?
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1) A 3D Dinosaur ornament from the Creationism Museum.
2) Ann Coulter Talking Doll
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Dishes, Dutch girl shoes, darts, dishrags, Dockers, dirt, dog, dal, dynamite, Dep, dough, deer whistle, dynamo, drugs, driftwood, DigDug.
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The Best of Django Reinhardt? Well, maybe a different CD that has an R less prominent.

I just like saying "django"
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a dictionary in a different language
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I'd do a hamper of D-related food items and call it (heavy irony) "A Taste of D" you could do donuts, demiglaze, dragonfruit, duck confit...
Actually this may just be the worst idea I've ever had. Ignore.
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Doilies, dogs (a stuffed dog, as a live animal would make a rather poor white element gift), dolls...

There are also a few places that make diapers that are full of chocolate that looks like poo if you want to go for something particularly immature.
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Best "D" white elephant I ever saw was Deer Urine.

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Dromedary? Discman? A dictionary in deutsch?
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Oh, please go with ZakDaddy's suggestion! Here's a link for you. $20!

(full disclosure: I went to a semi-rural school and occasionally some douchebag would unleash some of this shit at a pep rally. it is fucking gross.)
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Hilariously, the first thing I thought of was a novelty Doormat. Maybe one that made a Christmasy noise when you stepped on it, or something?
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You could find a fun but weird doorknocker in that price range, if you looked hard enough or maybe a pretty or weird doorknob. You could do anything devil-themed or maybe a dartboard. Also, for reasons I really can't explain, I find this Dismember Me Zombie Doll from ThinkGeek really fun. I'm not sure how friendly your family would find it, though, probably depends on their personalities.
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Depends. You know, the adult diapers?

We do white elephant gifts as a family too. My dad spends most of the year at garage sales clearance specials and pawn shops finding great (i.e. horrible) gifts for the exchange.

Maybe stroll through one of these venues and see what pops up. Spontaneity is often the best inspiration...
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Dewar's, denaka, drambuie, danny devito lemoncello, or dekyper something?
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Doo! Like Zoo Doo.
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Demeter fragrances makes a scent called "Dirt" that you can get as a cologne or lotion or body wash, etc. Fun, exotic, unexpected, and better smelling than you might think (yum, it does smell like fresh dirt!).
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Duct tape wallet!

(But really, deer urine is probably the way to go. I saw that in a sporting goods store and nearly peed myself :P)
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I would buy each one his/her Domain name.
Most people haven't even thought of buying their firstname/lastname.com url (or .net, .info, etc.).
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Surely there are lots of 'dung' related gag gifts online...
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such as elephant dung paper
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A finger drum set.

I'm sure I've seen a singing deer head (along the lines of the singing fish), but have no idea where to find one. Is there a Spencer Gifts or Hot Topic anywhere near you? It's amazing the kinds of stuff you can find in the knick-knacks area.

Something dragon or dinosaur related (Design Toscano has some tastefully tacky stuff. And some that's just plain tasteful.) Go to the toy store and buy a dinosaur playset. (We had one that came with nearly 30 plastic dinosaurs + trees/grass. I'm still finding dinosaurs in weird places.)
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Any album by Heavy D or Kool Moe Dee.
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