Help me remember the story of the hapless physics student.
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I remember reading a true story online about an accidental death in a physics laboratory during the early studies of radioactivity and nuclear physics experiments. I think it involved a clumsy physics student who accidentally dropped a brick of radioactive material onto a stack of these bricks which set off some sort of chain reaction. Can someone find this story online for me?
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Harry Daghlian, Jr.
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This famously happened twice to the Demon Core. First to Harry Daghlian and later to Canadian Louis Slotin.
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Thanks that's exactly what I was looking for. Mefites come through again!
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The accident is described in more detail (with pictures) on pages 74 and 75 of a handbook of criticality accidents

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Then there's the guy who stuck his head into the business end of a particle accelerator. Still alive, apparently.
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In case you want some more reading material.
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Depicted by none other than heart-breaker John Cusack in the movie Fat Man and Little Boy.
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There's actually a mention of this in this week's New Yorker, along with a story about a guy who publishes the best technical manual for the first atomic bombs.
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