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Quaint, cheap-ish lodging in Northern California. I can has?

We need to go somewhere. And when we're there, we need to stay somewhere for under $100 a night. When? Some weekend in January or February. Where? Near the coast or the foothills. We've traveled most of NoCal, so nothing's really new. Thought we'd base a trip around finding some exciting, affordable place to stay.

Pluses: Quaintness, funk, charm, solitude. We don't mind 'rustic,' but we're not willing to sacrifice cleanliness in favor of it. Proximity to outdoor activities is necessary (though that's pretty much a given anywhere in CA). Also, we like gardens. Add gardens to the plus column.

Location: On the coast, we're willing to go anywhere between Pescadero and Jenner. Mid-state, anywhere from Napa up to the Anderson Valley. (Mendocino's a bit too far for a weekend, alas.)
Foothill-wise, from Sonora in the south to Nevada City in the north. We could head to Truckee, too, but probably won't since chain controls are always a possible complicating factor.

So. Have you stayed in any cool inns, B&Bs, cabins, or similar places in Northern California that can be had for under $100 a night?
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A bit above your range, but Wilbur Hot Springs is supposed to be nice.
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Clair Tappaan Lodge in Donner Pass/Truckee fits most of your requirements if you do decide that Truckee is OK. It is owned by the Sierra Club, costs $50 to $60 a night including all three meals and offers activities like Moonlight snowshoeing, as well as all the usual stuff in the Truckee area. It's a rustic, historic lodge, built in the 30s with common rooms, fireplace, etc. There are dorm style bunk rooms but some regular double rooms, too.
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