Trying to layout a membership directory in Indesign CS2.
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I'm trying to layout a membership directory in Indesign CS2. How do I get sets of data (name, address, email, et.), merged one after another, without setting up individual text boxes and manually placing them? I'm looking for a text flow option of some sort.

I imported the data from Excel in CSV. Oh, and I'm in OS10.
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It's called Data Merge, and it's amazingly convenient. There are a lot of articles out there -- just google 'indesign data merge'. The window itself is under Window>Automation>Data Merge. Basically, you make a CSV file with a header row, and then import it into Indesign; you can then drag the headers into a text boxes and rearrangement as you see fit. After that, doing "create a merged document" will assemble all of the data into a single document, pre-assembled.
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