I can't even watch the whole thing, but I have to know what is wrong with this guy
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What the hell is going on in the video linked here? Warning: really fucking disgusting.
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Looks like the guy got a chest tube . But he should just leave that alone, he's asking for trouble.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it's a little bit of gross, AMIRITE, but it's seriously been bugging me all day. And Vice really does need to fuck off, they were cool when I picked up my first issue like 12 years ago, but they annoy me more than not these days.

But seriously, what's going on? How can a wound throw out so much goop (and more troubling, air?)
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Some other commenters have claimed it's a bronchopleural fistula.

I'm fascinated by weird medical stuff, so this didn't bother me.
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OK, this guy is dumber than I thought, if that's possible. Part 2. [Really NSFW.]
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Response by poster: I got 14 seconds into that second video before getting squicked. Summary?
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This is the most interesting comment I found:

"Foamy discharge from an empyema is very strongly suggestive of communication between the cyst and the pleural space. In other words, this is highly suggestive of a pt with a really badly-decayed tooth that has resulted in an infection in the pleural space, that has then burrowed through the intercostal cartilage to present as a zit, but which is in fact a life-threatening infection. This patient needs to get to the ER stat. The infection needs to be explored by a trained professional. I suspect that he needs a surgical thoracentesis to supplement the natural disintegration of tissue caused by the enzymes that are leaking from this really massive infection. This pt will need at least five days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and likely will have a PICC line installed before his discharge to home, where the IV antibiotics will continue for a full twenty- to thirty-day course. And the bathroom where this surgery was conducted needs to be sanitized with undiluted clorox. Really truly serious. Life-threatening."

I had to look up no less than three words in just that short paragraph, sheesh.
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The summary is that he slices the hell out of his side with a plain old razor blade and bloody bubbles come out.
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It's not a bronchopleural fistula, it's bronchocutaneous fistula. In this case it is an abscess around a foreign body that is communicating both with the bronchus/pleural space and the skin. Ironically the YouTube commenters have it figured.
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Dude needs to see a doctor, not youtube this "surgery".
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