Total employees at NPR?
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How many people work at NPR inc. National Public Radio what is the total number of employees? I can't find the info in their annual reports.
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According to their 2006 IRS 990 form line 90b, there were 803 employees during the pay period containing March 12. 2005.

I get nonprofit tax filings from
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Are you trying to determing how many people work for National Public Radio, or how many people work in the field of public radio? Your sentence is a bit confusing.

Obviously, many people work for stations, independent shows, American Public Media, Public Radio International, and so forth. Not to mention many, many independent producers.
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Yep. many, many, many independent producers. Might produce a few pieces and then get more reliable work, so it's probably an impossible number to be sure of.
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"How many people work at NPR inc. National Public Radio"

I'm trying to figure out the revenue per employee number and compare it to wikimedia.
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thanks advicepig, you led me to the fy2007 form990 which states they have 823 employees. If anyone is interested,

Revenue Generated Per Employee for NPR is 159 million/823=$193,195
Revenue Generated Per Employee for wikimedia is 2.734909 million/23=$118,909

Revenue Generated Per Employee for NYTimes Company 3.04billion/10231=$3,122,937
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There's an article in the Washington Post today about layoffs at NPR. It states that there are 889 employees.
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that should say $312, 293.70 for the new york times
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