Tiny Toy Pocket Elctronic Keyboard of Magical Awesomeness
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Help me find this tiny electronic pocket piano from my youth.

I remember owning a couple of these at one point - I received them from my grandpa around 1988 or 89.

The stats, as I can remember them from all those many long, bleak years gone by -

- I think one octave.
- Very small, maybe 1/2" thick, 3.5" long and 2" wide.
- Came in a little faux-leather sleeve? Or perhaps it was a sort of flap that covered the face of it, and I think it was yellow.
- Included a little card with a song list on it?
- Produced a tiny little note when you depressed a plastic button - the buttons had practically no action at all - really more like a clicker than a button.
- Filled me with joy.
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Best answer: I had completely forgotten about these. I also had at least two. I remember them being in something that was a lot like a checkbook cover. One of mine was sort of a pale pastel blue, and I think some of them tended to have variously themed cartoon graphics on them? Little white keys kind of like the membrane keys on some cheap calculators, maybe?
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Best answer: Is this your piano? I bought a couple at the dollar store last year. Message me your address and this one is yours!
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would have been my guess.
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I bought one of those at Busch Gardens as a kid and annoyed my entire family with my musical skillz all the way home. I loved it. I'd forgotten about it until now!
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With the cartoon animals and everything. Awesome.
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What a coincidence. How awesome to be able to fill someone's Christmas with joy. Very cool thread.
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Oooh! I had one of these, too.

I still remember how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:"
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i. loved. these.


that was Mary Had a Little Lamb on mine.
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