What's the strangest, schlockiest, Obama-themed gift we can find?
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My boyfriend's goofy father has requested kitschy Obama souvenirs for Christmas. I know there must be some truly ridiculous Obama-themed items out there. Help us find the absolute weirdest and kitschy-est of them all.
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Collector plates and mugs!
posted by donovan at 12:17 PM on December 9, 2008

You might be able to find this on ebay. Not supportive of Obama, but it's funnier since McCain lost.
posted by electroboy at 12:20 PM on December 9, 2008

If he's a fan of the band The National at all this is cute.
posted by jourman2 at 12:22 PM on December 9, 2008

This. [nsfw]
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I kind of want one of those mugs. This is pretty tasteless, weird and ridiculous.
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Augh, Asherah, that isn't very SFW!

I saw a knit hat with Obama's face on it in blingy studs at the 7-Eleven near me (I'm in Chicago) and it was awesome. I can't find it anywhere online, though.

At the Grant Park rally there were a bunch of bootleggers selling shirts that said "Obamapalooza" on the front and "A New Hope, I WAS THERE WHEN CHANGE HAPPEN [sic]." I wish I'd gotten one; maybe you can find them on Ebay?
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Etsy has some good stuff. This pillow of Obama's head freaks me out. There's also some O BALM ah skin balm.
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This may be out of the price range, but how about a bowling alley lane?
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These "caganers" may or may not be publicly available.

Here you go.
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You might be able to find some bootleg Obama shirts at various 'urban' or hiphop clothing stores. That's where I got my shiny 'SEAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES' babytee shirt in lime green, with a pic of Obama in the middle.

I saw other ones featuring the First Family, Obama saluting an eagle with the saying 'Dreams come true', etc.
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Response by poster: Some excellent suggestions so far.

The commemorative plates and caganers, while both awesome, are out. The plates because I think his wife is going to get him one, and the caganers because, well, we actually gave him a caganer last year for Christmas (From caganer.com, no less. They shipped quite promptly to the US).
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Have you tried searching ebay?

Just append whatever word you like for results. Obama rug? obama thimble? obama plush glove?
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I've kind of loved the Obama Inagural Presidential Dollar Coin that I've been seeing on TV lately.
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A recent AskMe on how to find Obama nesting dolls already has some answers.
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If you knit or crochet, Ravelry (registration required) comes up with lots of quirky items when you search for "Obama" including a Christmas ornament, a finger puppet, a dog sweater, an Obama doll, fingerless gloves and a really intricate pullover.
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Friends of my parents went down to Florida as part of "The Great Schlep." One of the items being given out to seniors was an Obama pill organizer. They brought one back for my folks, but I can't find any images at this time.
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For months before the election, the Walgreens in Hyde Park (presumably in addition to stores elsewhere) was selling dancing, singing Barack Obama dolls. Looks like they're currently being sold on eBay, at prices that make me regret not purchasing one when it was obvious Obama was going to win.
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I kinda like this Obama as Jesus design. Or the Last Supper.
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Hope on a Rope. Got one for my step-dad for Christmas and it's a lot bigger than I expected.
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You want to look at this site and this page, courtesy of this contentious MetaTalk thread.

I want a "Homer Obama" pin.
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This fits well in the strange category.
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Last week I ordered four of these Yes We Can Openers.
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Obamacorn T-shirt?
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Lewis Black did a funny bit on the Daily Show about these. He mostly talks about plates and coins. The weirdest by far had to be the condoms, which the news anchor got "on the streets of New York"
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How about a Superhero Obama bobblehead?
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The other day I wanted to see if there were Obama advent calendars. There are.
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