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Help me find exemplary packaging.

I'm looking for truly brilliant examples of contemporary packaging for consumer products -- either in terms of sheer beauty (a normal product in a truly gorgeous package) or ingenuity (a Pez dispenser bundled with a daily multivitamin, etc.). The goal is to inspire and amaze some of the art directors I work with.

Links to intelligent and interesting packaging blogs etc. are appreciated, but what I really need are links to packaging that goes above and beyond -- I'm fond of concepts like the TV box that becomes a TV stand for the TV it holds and the Knoend lite2go for their environmental value, but I'm also open to packaging that is just purely gorgeous.

No right or wrong answers, just ideas. Thanks!
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Best answer: Might seem obvious, but Apple's packaging has been praised for decades.

Also, if you are not aware of them: Pentawards. FAB Awards.
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Best answer: This wine case that turns into a lamp is wonderful.

The rest of the The Dieline is great, too.
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Best answer: Also, check out the blog Lovely Package.
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The Dieline is great. It focuses mainly on Europe, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when you're talking design aesthetics.
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This question has some answers with novel or interesting packaging.
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Method products!
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Best answer: not sure if this is what you're looking for, but Target Pharmacy's ClearRx design is widely lauded.
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Best answer: It's in the Pentawards list, but I've been thinking about these milk cartons all week. Simple design without adding much cost to a standard object, clear as a brand identity and the divisions within the product range, and just so goddamn gorgeous that it would be hard to choose another brand unless the cartons were filled with cow piss.
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Vessel Ideation
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Saw these today and thought of your question: D&AD ASDA Lunchboxes.
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