ISO color changing Christmas tree lights
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Does anybody know where i can buy these Christmas tree lights, or some similar to them, either on the internet (preferably) or in the real world?

I adopted lights like these from my mother, who cannot recall where she purchased them. They look so awesome on my pencil cactus/Christmas tree that everybody that sees them asks where they can obtain some, and I would like to buy some for Christmas gifts but can't locate them anywhere.

The set I have is an entire strand of these lights (rather than the add-on variety featured in the link), but I'll settle for whatever I can get.
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Googling "color changing" led ornament brought up a link to acehardwareoutlet with what looks close. They are battery operated, 6 on a string, 3" globes, and $15 a string through ace.
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There's instructions here on how to make your own using ping-pong balls.
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Actually the pricing is a bit confusing on the ace site. It is $90 for a set, which has 6 ornaments. They list price like this
Price: $89.99 for 6 ($15.00 each)
yet they do not sell individually.
Amazon lists this from acehardware at $120 for a string with 6 ornaments.
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Yay, eBay!
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That eBay seller has three sets of those lights. I'd recommend using a free sniping tool such as Auctionstealer to bid for you.
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