What is the origin of the phrase 'fevered dream?'
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English/Literature question: I was watching some old Futurama episodes, and I noted on two occasions the use of the phrase "fevered dream"... [mo inside yo]

In Futurestock, Scruffy the Janitor suddenly says "...what fevered dream is this that bids tear this company in twain?" And in another episode, either Leela or Scruffy says "...without L-beams, spaceflight would be but the fevered dream of a madman..." I love that phrase, could have sworn I heard it somewhere before, possible Shakespeare? Googling turns up naught but bad poetry. This is driving me nuts. Thanks!
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Have you tried "fever dream" (as in, a dream you have when you have a fever)? That's the version of the phrase I most often see.
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The closest I've seen so far is this:

Reality seems valueless by comparison with the dreams of fevered imaginations; reality is therefore abandoned.

-- Emile Durkheim (1858–1917), French sociologist.
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You know, I should really finish looking up quotes at Bartleby before I post.

Another possibility.
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I think its just a literary cliche. The best I could do is this letter to Edgar Allan Poe from his fiance in 1870:

Sweet, mournful eyes, long closed upon earth's sorrow
Sleep restfully after life's fevered dream!
Sleep, wayward heart! till on some cool, bright morrow
Thy soul, refreshed, shall bathe in morning's beam.
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There are also innumerable quotes using "febrile"
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I think hattifattener has it. Unless you saw the phrase written down, what you heard was probably "fever dream," which is a cliche going back at least a couple hundred years (1834 Mrs. Hemans Eng. Martyrs i. 2 The cavern of the prisoner's fever-dream).
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