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Recommendations for cool, philosophical blogs about recent paranormal phenomena?

I’m thinking of setting up a blog, and I want to look at the competition. Can anyone recommend any regularly-updated blogs that post about recent paranormal stuff in the news (so not old ghost stories etc) and discuss it in a cool thoughtful philosophical way? Besides

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Best answer: The Daily Grail is probably the best all-around source of high weirdness.

The Secret Sun is a pop occulture blog and often thought provoking, although at times the author drinks a bit too much of his own kool aid comes across as a tad schizophrenic.
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The Fortean Times
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Best answer: Paranormal News
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To the OP: if/when you do set up said blog, any chance you could send me a note? I love reading about this stuff, and am watching this thread with interest.
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Response by poster: Cool stuff, thankyou! Looks like I will have some stiff competition. :-)

synedoche, of course I will keep you posted. I love this stuff too and any excuse to discuss it is a good one.
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if/when you do set up said blog, any chance you could send me a note?

Me, too, please!
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Best answer: I've lost many an afternoon to the well-written Rigorous Intuition.

The blog, of course...and then the comments, and then the message boards. But the blog. Jeff Wells is an actual (paid and published) author, with clear eyes and healthy skepticism. It makes the difference.
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I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned Cryptomundo.
And Fortean Times has been pretty disappointing to me lately because they seem to be reporting on more strange/offbeat stories than paranormal ones.
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