Handy(wo)man recommendations in Brooklyn?
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Can anyone recommend a reliable, affordable handy(wo)man in Brooklyn / NYC?

We have a chiffarobe/wardrobe thingy that we'd like to convert into an "entertainment center," which means the following things need to be done:

- side walls reinforced (they're thin);
- 3-4 shelves added;
- new panel cut into the front of the wardrobe;
- holes cut in shelves and back wall for the cords.

Nothing gigantic for someone with a little woodworking know-how and a reciprocating saw, but outside of my do-it-yerself abilities. (And outside the limits of my modest toolkit.)

I've found plenty of listings for handy(wo)men (at craigslist, e.g.), but it's very difficult to tell how reliable any of them are. I would love to know about a handy(wo)man whom you trust, who has good woodworking skills, and whose prices are reasonable.

We've gotten estimates from a few people, but the figures vary widely, and (the key point) we have no way of knowing whether any of these folks is reliable. Anyone you'd recommend?
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anyone reliable on CL will give you references of people they built things for and will have photographs. i went through this process with people in nyc who built loft beds. the guy who was the most qualified had an album of things he had built, a list of references, and two people who were willing to let me come over and see what he'd built because it was particularly extensive.

for what it's worth, he wasn't the cheapest out of the people i talked to.

there are a lot of people on CL who are all "yeah i have the tools" and I have gotten burned, too, but anyone who is reliable will be able to give you the above. any hesitation whatsoever, go to the next person.
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you're on the wrong list - try Angie's instead of Craig's.
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