Looking for a Bruschetta recipe similar to Gia Russa's Calabrese Bruschetta.
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Foodies: I'm looking for a recipe for "Calabrese Bruschetta", similar to the Gia Russa brand sold in stores.

I'd love to make a homemade version of this Bruschetta for an upcoming Christmas party - but I haven't been successful in finding a similar recipe. I've tried creating my own version, but nothing has come remotely close to how theirs tastes yet.

I don't have the jar handy, and couldn't find a listing of ingredients online, but I know it contains roasted red peppers, a ricotta looking cheese, spices and olive oil.

Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
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Hmm, well never having tried the brand I can't say for sure. But Epicurious has lots of bruschetta recipes. This was one of the closest I could find.

Bruschetta with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and basil. You could always mix them together for a spread-like topping.

A similar version.

And another similar version from Vegetarian Times.

It would quite easy to modify any of these recipes to taste or style. Or just go nuts on your own. The basic recipe is, well, very basic. Good luck.
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When I see "Calabrese" in a store I usually think it's going to contain sundried tomatoes and not just red peppers.

It probably has more flavorful grated hard cheese added, like pecorino or parmigiano reggiano, too. Plain ricotta would be a little bland.

So there are two additions you could try!
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