Can you recommend a good SDI/HDMI monitor?
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Video engineers: help me out with choosing a QC monitor for all flavors of HD, SD and HDMI.

We currently have a CRT for PAL/NTSC/SDI that syncs almost instantaneously and decodes and displays line 21 closed captions.

We have a JVC DT-V24L1 which takes about five seconds to sync over HDMI, and it galls me that a fifteen-year-old CRT can sync instantly while the LCD takes five seconds to get a lock and display a signal. It also doesn't decode closed captions, and these two issues are becoming major hassles.

What we want is an LCD that is about 24 inches or so, widescreen, decodes closed captions and syncs quickly to HD-/SD-SDI, composite/component/S-video and HDMI. Native display of 1920 x 1080 is also required.

Does such a beast exist? If not, can you recommend a monitor with fast sync and an SDI Line 21 decoder/displayer? Thanks!
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Best answer: OK, found out what was going on my own. The converter that was supplying our HDMI feed was not up to snuff when the incoming signal switched from 525i to 625i.

The AJA D5CE converts from SDI to analog component with enough speed and quality—even when the SDI signal switches from 525 to 625 and back—to make it useful for our purposes. We'll probably set up a line 21 caption decoder on a separate input—not perfect, but a low-cost solution that requires little end-user retraining.
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