Words, words, words.
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Tattoo Typeface Troubles: My sister and I are looking to get a line from Hamlet tattooed on our wrists, and want it to look like it was printed out of a book. Help me (us) choose a good typeface!

The exact line is "Words, words, words." I'm kind of thinking something that looks timeless, but at least slightly unique. Thanks in advance!
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I'd go with Garamond, myself.
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Have you tried the livejournal community literary tattoos for ideas?
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Don't know how I borked the link above. Garamond!
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Century Schoolbook is probably the first font that you (and sis) read. To most people, it instantly triggers a "book" reaction.
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William Morris' Golden, and the pleasing double history it would layer on.

OR. Not precisely what you've asked for, but consider writing it out in your own handwriting, and asking the artist to transfer that to your skin. It would link but make distinct yours and your sisters' tattoos...handwriting changes subtly but surely over time, and a sample can be a powerful reminder of a period in your life. I have a couple done this way, and am often surprised to see them and realize how much I've changed.
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I'd check out Dafont.com, they've got thousands on thousands and you can preview what your text will look like before downloading and installing. Some are pay, but I think the bulk of them are free!
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Goudy Hundred always reminds me of old 18th Cen. books, even if it's more modern than that. A font with a long s would be cool, but I can't think of any off hand.
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I like BookAntiqua and butterbrot papier. no link sorry baby is crying.
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What about this, which is similar to Shakespeare's handwriting (or at the very least contemporary to the quote)?
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Here is the font you need.

(That's the First Folio, the first big compilation of Shakespeare's work. If you want to be extra hardcore, you could try to track down a replica of the First Quarto edition of Hamlet, which is the first time it was in print period. I have no idea if the fonts are significantly different.)
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Well, if you're being literary, there's always Ophelia or even Hamlet.
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Q1's pretty similar to F1 in terms of typeface, yeah.
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These are all great answers. I marked my favorites, but will need to negotiate some of the finer points with my sister, lol.

Thanks hive mind!
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I'm with nebulawindphone: (thanks for the link) & 1st Quarto is here
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aaargh! here
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