Interesting restaurants near W44th Street?
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RestaurantFilter: Restaurant Recommendations for NYC on Saturday evening (13Dec2008), around the Broadhurst Theatre - near W44th St. (more inside)

My wife and I are lucky recipients of two free tickets to see Equus this Saturday, in NYC. To thank the couple who are so graciously giving us the tickets, we are going to buy dinner before the show. Any ideas on interesting and tasty restaurants (moderately priced) around the Broadhurst Theatre near W44th Street? They're an older couple who we'd rather not inundate with the too exotic. A nice place with some character, and food which isn't too bland would suffice. Preferably within walking distance (a few city blocks at the most) to the theatre. Thanks!
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I've been to Orso (yelp page, restaurant website) before the theater before, and it was lovely. It's cozy and Italian, and not completely overrun by tourists.
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One of my favorites is Connolly's, an Irish pub with great staff and a menu that pleases everyone. Very affordable, and consistently good. West 45th between Broadway and 6th Ave.
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When we go to shows, we always eat at La Bonne Soupe at 48 W 55th. Very classic French casual bistro. It is a bit cramped, but I call this cozy. (If any of the parties is bothered by banquette-type seating where elbows occasionally may compete, ask for a table upstairs.)
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I like John's pizza, its right across the street from your show (don't worry, it is nicer than the average pizza joint.)
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Joe Allen's is a famous old theatre joint for burgers and salads.
Orso's and Angus McIndoe are the higher end broadway hangouts where you might see the performers you just watched at the next table chowing down. Not really moderately priced but good food and a great part of the whole show experience.

If you want cheap but fun and memorably a little odd, try the Hourglass Tavern. It's like eating in someone's living room. Some of the tables are up a narrow staircase, so reserve a table on the ground level if that is a problem. (Eating upstairs is more fun if they can climb stairs.)
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Also, my favorite restaurant in the hood: Becco's. It's Italian, the food is lavish (they bring you lots of different fresh pastas if you get the special and they have the city's best Caesar) and best of all, all the wines are $25.
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I like Maison, which is a few blocks north.
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Not feeling adventurous, eh? Well, Rosie O'Grady's has good seafood and steak and the like for decent prices. Tony's Di Napoli is a family style italian place. Check out New York Magazine or TONY to look at more for yourself. There are helpful reviews (and customer reviews) on those sites.
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I like Becco and Joe Allen, but my favorite is Cafe Un Deux Trois (at 123 W. 44th Street). It's a classic French bistro, tres soigne.
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(They also just took over the much-missed Le Madeleine at 44th and 9th, making it "Le Petit Un Deux Trois." )
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