How to get a certain non-800 phone number to FAX & voicemail?
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How to get a specific non-800 phone number to FAX & voicemail?

I'd like to get a certain 312 phone number that's unused, and get it routed to a system that can accept both FAX and voicemail for me that get routed to my email. It'd be an added bonus if the voicemail system offered a "press 1 in case of emergency" type thing that could forward the call to my cell phone. Double added bonus if it can accept SMS / MMS messages from cell phones.

Man, I'd pay good money if I could get all that. Does anyone know how to do it, if it's possible, or even where to start? I assume I can do this by spending weeks setting up an asterisk system and paying the local phone company an obscene amount, but it seems like it should be simpler/cheaper than that.

Thanks, I love you in advance.
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First you need to grab the number - the rest is easy ...

I don't really know how to get assigned a certain number though - I'd assume that you'll have to open up a business phone account with the right local carrier (that was assigned that block of numbers).

A virtual PBX service like could do most of what you are asking for. You'd have to just forward all calls from the landline number to the number the PBX provider assigns you (although some will let you port it in to them, I'd advise against it because they may not let you ever move it away from them ).

Love you too.
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You can use someone like Callcentric to rent the number. From their web site ...

With Callcentric's free Fax reception feature you can receive faxes on any phone number you purchase from Callcentric. Fax reception can be enabled for one, some, or as many phone numbers you like on your account; and can be enabled temporarily or permanently using either our Call Treatments or DID Forwarding features for full flexibility.

Received faxes can be viewed online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format within your Callcentric account, and/or emailed to you when received.


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Have you looked into Skype? I use Skype for my business line, and you can easily forward the phone number to another phone number.
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