Help me not fudge my in-text citation, please.
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On what page does "Dream On" appear in Shroud of the Gnome by James Tate?

I realize this is a silly, and pretty simple, question. But I need the page number for a citation, can't find the copy of my book, and can't manage to locate the table of contents online. So if you can help me, thanks very, very much.
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Best answer: Page 30. If you go to the Barnes and Noble website and click the "Features" tab, the table of contents is listed.
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Response by poster: well...i feel pretty lame. thanks so much!
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Don't feel lame--I don't think the B&N features thing shows up in google searches. The only reason I even tried B&N was that their website has saved me from fudging citations in the past...
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