What is this French-language show/film?
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What is this French show or film that I only watched fifteen or twenty minutes of, last night in a hotel room?

I had a lovely child-free evening with my husband at the Hotel Cornell in San Francisco, and we watched a little television before turning in for the night. While channel surfing we came across a French-language station airing something that kind of dragged me in, but I wanted to make the most of my child-free circumstances so I turned it off without knowing what it was, figuring I'd be able to find out later. It appeared to be a Direct TV feed, but I can't actually find a Direct TV French-language channel on their website and Google is failing me based on my limited information.

When I landed on the show, the characters were in a dance club. Then there was a quick cut to a young man sitting on a stone wall feeding a baby with a bottle. Next, the same young man entered a bakery with a young woman (they appeared to be together), and the baker invited them into the back room to try a special bread. When she gave them the bread to taste, it was apparently so good that they shared "a moment". Next, the young man, whose name is Martin, and the woman arrived at a house where other people were apparently recovering from a night out (two women had face masks and cucumber slices on their eyes, and another man came outside with someone he had brought home from the club, there were awkward exchanges and that girl left abruptly). Martin and the other woman had forgotten to bring the bread they were supposed to have bought at the bakery. Later it comes out that Martin is married to someone named Claire, not the girl he went to the bakery with, and that's who he has the baby with--there's some talk of how great his life is because he's married with a kid, etc. He and Claire have some ruckus and then it cuts to Martin playing cello and that's where I had to turn it off or else risk spending all night watching while Mr. Padraigin had a resentful night's sleep.

So what the hell was I watching? It struck me as a kind of French telenovela, only without midgets and priests.
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Nos Enfants Cheris, maybe?

I haven't seen it, but the main male character's name is "Martin" and it was apparently on TV5Monde at 10:30 last night.
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THANK YOU. Now I can sleep tonight.
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