Getting a deal for wireless phone/data service?
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Is there a good way to get a reduced rate from Verizon on data and voice service on a wireless phone like a Blackberry for my husband? I've heard people get deals on wireless phone service by threatening to switch providers, and wondered if that or signing up for a long term plan could get me a deal.

I'd like to give my husband a Blackberry and voice/data service for a few years this year for the holidays. He is okay with getting signed up for a long term plan if it would save money. Does anyone have any strategies that I could use to get a deal? Right now a regular voice plan in our area would cost about $30/month and the data on top of that would cost about $50 extra.

It would be best if I didn't have to change my own service at this time to get the deal, because I currently have a crazy deal on my own blackberry service (but I don't remember how I got it!). I know they won't give out the same deal I have b/c I asked. Does anyone know whether I might get a good deal if my husband is thinking about switching to another provider, or alternatively is willing to sign up for a long period, or for some other reason? Thanks!
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Corporate discounts can be pretty good. Does he work for anybody on this list?
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In my experience the major carriers are not too flexible in terms of their service plans. But, I agree with above post, corporate discounts are the way to go. If you work for a major employer, or if you are part of an organization that can get discounted rates.

My employer allows me to get a 18% discount and then a 40% discount on the full price of equipment. I don't know about discounts off of the media services.
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Neither of us gets a corporate discount. Thanks for the thought, though. I really think that something should be possible here, if only by virtue of the fact that I am getting a ridiculously crazy deal right now.
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