Problems with GRUB and dual-booting
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Linux Filter: Had to re-install XP on a dual-boot machine because I borked it. It overwrote the MBR, where Grub was installed. How do I get GRUB back on the computer, and seeing my linux partition?
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As with most Linux (hell, most x86) boot problems, this can be solved by Knoppix. Download a Knoppix image, burn the CD, and boot your computer from it (you may have to fiddle with the bios boot device settings). Knoppix should see your Linux partition automatically. Run grub using your existing configuration file (on the Linux partition). Problem solved!

You could also use the boot floppy that you made when you installed Linux, if you have a floppy drive and if you did, in fact, make a boot floppy.
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You don't even need a floppy with a root filesystem, just a boot loader and a kernel. Pass the root=/dev/[root device] parameter to the kernel and boot from your normal root filesystem, and then reinstall the MBR.
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Response by poster: I've got a Fedora rescue CD, so I'll just use that...

Heh. Floppy? What is this 'floppy' you speak of?
OH MY GOD... 1.44mb? I thought that was a story that mothers used to scare their children to sleep!
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Why go through all this trouble when you can make XP boot linux for you instead?

The XP bootloader is much more use friendly, to boot.
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Response by poster: shepd: From your link, "This tutorial is based on using LILO (linux loader) as your boot loader."
... Grub's much more friendly, IMHO. I agree that the NT Loader is ok, but I wouldn't say that it's more friendly.

I'm in the middle of restoring grub using my old grub.conf ... I'll let everyone know how it goes.
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