Remotely controlling a DSL connection
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Here the short story...Is there anyway to remotely disconnect/connect dsl connections under OS X? the long story inside....

I have a G4 downstairs connected via dsl (which can be kinda flaky) to the interweb. It is a software base station (connected via Airport) for the imac short of installing VPC (which i really dont need ALL that for) is there anyway I can do this? btw both running 10.3.5
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Couldn't you use ssh to log into the G4, then use something like ifconfig to reset the ethernet/DSL connection? It's not an eye-candy-loaded solution, but it ought to work.
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Response by poster: i know enough *nix to run a man on ifconfig and realize i am looking for something just a little more user friendly.
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Best answer: short of installing VPC

You mean VNC, right? It's not at all a big deal to install, by the way. You can have a client (ex. Chicken of the VNC) and server (ex. ShareMyDesktop) running within 10 minutes. Way more user-friendly than ifconfig.
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Doh! Beat to the punch on preview. So, I'll second it: Very, very easy.

VNC, baby. Here's the server. Here's the client.
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ssh ifconfig en1 down

To shut 'er down, and

ssh ifconfig en1 up

to open it back up again. If you want user friendly, make little icons on your desktop to do this.
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Response by poster: ok...vnc...vpc...whatever :)
i will try the ifconfig thing first. and if that i am just tired of having run up and down the steps.
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Actually, the DSL is probably on en0. Sorry about that.
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