How to wire up light switch?
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How do I wire up this infra-red mains light switch.

I bought an infrared PIR light switch via ebay., but all the instructions are in chinese.

The only information I can reasonably determineis it's 180-250v 50-60hz, which is good, I'm in Australia.

There are three wires, red, yellow and white.

Can anyone tell me how to install it?

It's this product
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The color codes aren't fully international, unfortunately. If it were a US product for a US market, white would be neutral, and one of red/yellow would be for mains hot and the other would be the switched hot (to the load). In older Australian wiring, apparently, black was the color code for neutral (in the US that's the color code for hot). If I had to guess, I'd say white=neutral, red=mains, and yellow=load — but that's just a guess, please don't wire it up based on that guess alone.

Google manages to translate the page you linked to pretty well, but it doesn't include any wiring information. Did it not come with any documentation at all?
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