What's a good destination in the U.S. Southwest for a weekend get-together?
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What are some good destinations in the Southwest (U.S.) for a weekend get-together for four guys? We are coming from No. California, So. California, and Southwestern Arizona and would like someplace central and easily reached by car. (Vegas is the easternmost limit.) Vegas is the obvious choice, but we are open for more exciting and different suggestions. There are some caveats inside.

At least one of us is out of shape, so anything that requires strenuous activity (climbing, long hikes) is not recommended. A cabin somewhere might work, if it doesn't require a long trek, but the date is in February and we don't want to freeze. We do not have camping gear, and do not want to purchase any. We would also like "neutral" ground, so L.A., the Bay Area, and San Diego are out (Southern Arizona is okay, though). Are there places on the coast that would be fun? Skiing is an option, but where? (None of us is familiar with this region.) Thanks in advance for all your ideas!
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Reno/Tahoe! Seems like four guys would have an excellent time there.

Mt. Bachelor in southern Oregon is also a great ski area, and it's near Bend, which is a really cool little ski town.
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Best answer: Mt. Bachelor is in central Oregon (not southern). And, Bend is not a ski town. Nor is this in the SW and convenient to where your friends will be coming from, except perhaps the northern California one. [I just wanted to clear that up ((used to live in Bend))].

If you are getting together in February and you don't want to freeze, I think the obvious choice is to stay as southern as possible. Vegas isn't that bad of an idea and there is a lot of great nature-stuff around there if you want to mix it up from the usual buffets and Vegas strip sleaziness...see Red Rocks, for example.

It sounds like the northern California person might be messing up your logistics if you did want to stay south. If you coud get that friend to suck it up and fly down...maybe you all could go to Baja?
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Best answer: Death Valley. Stay either out at the Amargosa Opera House (might not be open that early in the year) or over in Panamint Springs.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Oregon is much too far, but Red Rocks could work and Death Valley is great idea. Thanks again.
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