Can you get a hickey on your penis?
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Can you get a hickey on your penis from receiving (rough) oral sex?

I'm a gay male and received oral sex Friday morning. The guy was quite rough, with the that I've ever felt, to the point of pain. This went on for about 5 minutes before I asked him to stop and we finished up just jerking off.

About 12 ours later I was in the shower and found a roughly 1.5 inch long discolored area on the top of the shaft of my penis. It was where I remembered the suction being the strongest. It looks exactly like a hickey on someones neck, like a big blackish-blueish bruise. Its not painful to the touch.

I had a full STD check about 6 weeks ago and came back clean. Prior to the oral sex there was no discoloration.

Is it possible to get a hickey on your penis? Should I go see a DR right-away-do-not-pass-go? Is it safe to wait awhile and see if it fades like a "normal" neck hickey?

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Yes. Having taken a friend to the clinic for a very similar situation, a "dickey" can definitely happen.
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Mrs gergtreble (who's a doctor) says:

"Yes it is possible due to the suction causing local capillary haemorrhaging. Just like when you get a normal neck hickey. However if you are still noticing discolouration after another 2-3days or so definately go see your Doctor."
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Yes, normal. If it doesn't fade like a hickey would, go to the doc to be on the safe side.
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Yes. No fun at all. It will pass.
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I just want to point out there is no such thing as a "full STD check."

There are diseases they just don't have a tests for. Sometimes you have to wait for the symptom.

That said, I am unaware of any hickey STDs. And I will agree with the "it will fade" camp.
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Fuck, yeah. :)
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Friction sucks.
No pun intended.
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You can get a hickey anywhere on your skin (palms/soles harder to do, obviously), so of course yes.

It's a blood bruise caused by suction/biting & breaking capillaries under the skin.
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[Also, just remember you ALWAYS have a right to speak up right away if something's not feeling great. Hearing direct feedback during a blowjob is very hot for the person giving it.]
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a hickey is just a bruise caused by suction, so YAH you can get them on your shwing-shwong. Watch it for a few days and make sure it is healing like a bruise. If there is any growing irritation or rashes you should see a doctor to be sure it is not actually something else.
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