Complicated big (but not too big) multi-compartment zippered pouch. I wants it.
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I have an "MP3 Accessory" bag now I use for tools, but it's falling apart and nothing else I've seen online or in stores does quite what it does...

My current 'accessory bag,' which I use for tools and change, has one large zippered pouch compartment, one smaller zippered compartment, a place to hold my Moleskine and pens/pencils/screwdrivers, a transparent window for the MP3 player (or whatever), a small cylindrical area to hold a mini-Sharpie, and it all closes very easily (with one large zipper that wraps the whole thing up) and fits in my pocket. I bought it at Target five years ago and it is literally falling apart at the seams. I've repaired it about six times with needle and thread, but this thing is pretty beat up and I'm wondering if there's even something better.

Something like this almost makes it, but it doesn't seem "complicated" enough for me, i.e. not enough compartments and possibly not large enough.

Is there anything that does this? The two requirements are: 1) "has as many separate compartments as possible" and 2) "be as large as possible while still being able to fit in a large man's pants pocket." I just know it exists!


(What is it with Target and discontinuing items that rule?
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Case Logic refreshes their line periodically. Here's what looks like the current version of that case. Is that complicated enough?
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I saw that one, and unfortunately no, there aren't enough compartments. Thanks though!
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