It's NOT just a Sweatshirt, It's a Lifestyle
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Please help me find alternatives to my favorite sweatshirt/t-shirt maker - Nation Ltd!

I have a sweatshirt (see a pic of a similar one, but lighter grey color, here) made by Nation Ltd. When I bought it, it was somewhat of an impulse buy - I really don't normally buy sweatshirts that cost about $65.

The owner of the store said something like "People never want to take these off!" - which I dismissed as regular shopkeeper talk. Since I bought the damn thing, though, she's proved herself right - it's like a sweatshirt succubus. I want to wear it every day, and sometimes I sleep in it. It just gets cozier and cozier, and doesn't wear out, despite many washings. I was able to restrain myself more in the Fall, but now that it's Winter, my cocooning instinct is taking over.

Now to my problem - Nation Ltd. is having a holiday sale, great - but all the stuff that I wanted to buy is sold out. They must be making room for their Spring line. I checked eBay and other merchants - nada.

What sweatshirts of a similar style have you found absolutely comfortable?

Things I like about this one:

- long sleeves (I'm tall)
- long torso (doesn't cover the butt, just enough to avoid "wind gaps")
- thin material, but warm
- sturdy construction
- fitted, but not tight

I'm OK with guy sweatshirts, too, should they have something that's comparable.

Note: I swear, I have no connection with Nation Ltd, and will get no discounts or merchandise by posting this!
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Many of the ladies I know seem to like Lululemon for this kind of thing. It's in that "pricey but worth it" category. No online store though.
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I have a store right down the street from me, I'll check it out, thanks!
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