Ha ha ha! I know nothing of fashion.
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HarveyBirdmanfilter: What is the necktie-ish fashion accessory worn by Phil Ken Sebben in the animated series "Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law?"

I've been wondering this for ages, ever since two years ago when I couldn't figure out how to properly complete my Halloween costume. Buying the DVDs has brought forth a new interest in this issue, as well as watching the (delightfully awful) movie "The Core," in which the female protagonist also wears one. For those not familiar with Mr. Sebben, you can see him and the fashion I'm talking about at his Myspace page here.
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Best answer: I've heard them called a "neck tab". This is in the context of the female dress uniforms for the U.S. military. Also, I have seen them worn by female flight attendants.
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Best answer: Ms. Swank is wearing a neck tab.

P.S. I love 'The Core.' Just rewatched 'Event Horizon' - deliciously bad.
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