Do you know this music clip?
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For a friend: So there's this music video clip [they] used to see in the last 10 years or so on Rage, can't really remember if it was 90's or early 00's. It was a dance track of some kind, possibly techno. It was in the style of a monster B movie. I think it was black and white.

"All New Brains!" is announced in poor animation...

"Don't Believe it Couldn't Happen Here!"

And we think there was an invasion of ant headed aliens or something. There was a scene where a young woman is watching tv, then an alien comes, and there's a jump cut.

Of course, when you get back to them, they're cuddling on the lounge eating popcorn together. Or was that Invasion Earth?

And there was possibly a cameo from The Fiend Without A Face.

And the trouble is, we're getting mixed up with Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here which it's very reminscent of.

Anyway it was quite good music and a clip we liked. Does anyone know what it was?
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Best answer: Brainbug - Nightmare?
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Response by poster: I'm just confirming with the friend, but I can't imagine that's not it. Thanks!
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