Guayabera in NYC
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Where can I purchase a guayabera shirt in New York City?
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When I lived in NY, I bought all mine on-line here.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but I'm looking for a store in NYC.
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My guess is Spanish Harlem. I know this is sort of like saying "look for chopsticks in chinatown!", but you would probably do well to wander down the Uppear East Side and poke your head in a few of those bazaar-like, jumbled clothing stores.

Mind you, if you want some fancy-ass, high-end guayabera, you'll probably have to keep digging around. I'm sure there's a specialty high-end store for that somewhere in NYC...
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What about here, or here? You might want to call them. There's a year-old article here.
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Assuming you don't need a nice (i.e. custom, fancy cloth, 100% cotton, or unusual color) guayabera but just want a regular cheap cotton-poly white, blue, or gray one: 14th St. just west of Union Square, many of the cheap clothing places have racks of 'em.
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OK, so, there are a bunch of shops on Broadway between like, 28th and 25th, that weird no-man's land with Indian clothing stores and funky handbag shops? It's just before you hit Flatiron. I have seen guayabera shirts hanging in the windows. I pointed a friend in that direction recently and he found one he wore as his wedding shirt!
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You should try Union City, NJ, it's right over the river, you can take PATH there. Get off and get to the street and turn left, walk about seven blocks and there is (or was) a place called Nelson's. It's pretty Nuyorican but it's a good one. Your only other option is to go down to Paterson to the Haband store.
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