'Koobface' virus on Facebook - help!
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I think I have this virus that was sent to me from a friend on Facebook? it's called 'Koobface'.

I thought I had a virus protection program, but apparently the Virus-Scan On Access Scan on my Dell Latitude D505 was disabled for some reason?

I know just enough about this stuff and my computer to get myself into trouble ....

Please help!

Thank you in advance
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This from Symantec on how to remove it.
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According to this article, the virus isn't malicious per se-- it won't damage any files or melt your hard drive-- but instead watches for you to make a search and then redirects the results, presumably to sites running ads that pay the virus maker. Variants turn you into a node in a botnet, basically making your computer an unwilling footsoldier in someone's cyberarmy. You got the virus because an infected friend sent you a link through Facebook's chat utility or message system, which you were tricked into clicking on..hey, presto! You've got virus.

What you should do about it:
1) Update your anti-virus software.
2) Physically disconnect your computer from the internet.
3) Run a full scan. This may take some time.
4) Follow the instructions. This virus was identified a few months ago, so it should be easy to remove.

What you should do to prevent getting infected in the future:
DON'T INSTALL SOFTWARE YOU FOUND THROUGH A LINK ON FACEBOOK. If you receive e-mails, messages, or chats about updating Flash, your anti-virus software, a free registry scanner, etc., DON'T CLICK THE LINKS. If you think you really need any of this software, get a link from a knowledgeable friend you trust or find it on your own, for example download Flash only from Adobe's site. Switch to Firefox if you're using Internet Explorer, and if you're using the anti-virus software that came with your computer, consider switching to a free alternative.

Most importantly though, don't agree to install software unless you're 100% certain its safe. If it came from Facebook, AIM, MySpace, etc. you can be 100% certain its NOT safe. Think of it like being at a party-- you don't just take drinks from strange guys, right? You don't do this because you don't know what went in the glass before it got to you-- somebody could have slipped something in-- so instead you make sure you only take drinks from your friends or watch them get poured. Same principle applies here.

Also, statements should not be questions. Re-read your question and replace the question marks with periods. That's what it should look like.
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Yah, this was discovered by Symantec and the fix released back in August. If you have anti-virus software not detecting that, you should just delete your anti-virus software as it's not doing anything for you.
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