Convert Autohotkey script while learning Ruby
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I'm trying to learn Ruby. I know more than a little bit about VB Script, and have written some scripts to automate some windows tasks, mostly by editing existing scripts, things like pinging workstations, WMI connections looking for files and such. I've read and worked through the tutorials and think I understand them. Now what....

I'm pretty good at throwing together Autohotkey scripts. I'd like to convert one of my everyday scripts to Ruby as an exercise. Are there any web communities that exist that might be able to answer questions I have along the process? Anyone have any resources to point me to for just learning? A site that provides some problems to be solved begining with easy stuff and moving on in complexity?
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I would definitely look at Hackety Hack.
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Response by poster: I worked through Hackety Hack a while back before I increased my knowledge of VBSCript and Autohotkey, I shall revisit it. Thanks for the reminder.
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For me, the essential Ruby book was the Pragmatic Programmer's guide. [Free! Online! (also in print)]
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The Ruby Programming Language seems to have superceded the PragProg guide as the book most of my Ruby people are recommending these days.
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A site that provides some problems to be solved begining with easy stuff and moving on in complexity?

It's not progressive, but definitely check out:

Ruby Quiz of the Week

The ruby-talk mailing list, available via various gateways is open to general questions.
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I'm currently reading Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, which has been both enlightening and entertaining. _why is basically insane, as it turns out. Well worth a read, especially if you're learning Ruby, but honestly even if you're not.

(It helps that it's both free and available online in snazzy HTML form)
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Check out the Ruby on Windows blog.
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