I'm Not Going To Pay A Lot For This Video!
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Calling all East Coast video production pros! Price check.

My company has done a ton of video work, but usually fairly elaborate shoots where we work through a producer to get everything done. Now we're doing a very small-scale, one-day local (Philly area) indoor location shoot with a DP that we know and love. I want to get a baseline on what everything ought to cost. I have some numbers from old estimates and things from production companies we've used, but I want to see what the raw costs are (I assume they marked things up).

Here's what I'm looking for:
DP - 1 day PLUS 1/2 day pre-pro
HD cam + stock (not sure what kind we're using just yet)
Sound - 1 day
Lighting - 1 day
Makeup - 1 day

Please give me costs for associated equipment in cases where it is customary to charge, or where it's something that has to be rented. Just looking for ballpark costs here, I'm not going to hold you to any of this.

I'm pretty solid on post, but if any freelance editors want to weigh in with usual rates, BONUS POINTS!!!

PS Don't worry about talent.

Thanks hive mind!
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I can't speak for the other departments, and I'm on the west coast, but for a decent sound recordist with his/her kit I'd expect the day rate to be in the neighborhood of $500. Obviously if the job calls for a mixer and a boom op, not just a one-man band, that rate will be higher.
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