Caribbean elopement
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Where, in the Caribbean, should we run off and get married?

So, my man is about to become Mister Punctual. Woot! To avoid the wedding-industrial complex, and because I am lazy and don't care about flowers/bridesmaid dresses/caterers/extreme levels of stress, we are going somewhere, just the two of us, for a week to tie the knot.

I wanted Bali. He doesn't want to be on a plane that long (wuss). We have decided on somewhere in the Caribbean. I would like for it to be somewhere interesting with more to do than lie on the beach. We've been to Belize, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Mexico (Mayan Riviera/Cozumel). So I was thinking Costa Rica. Monkeys! Jungles! Cool birds!

So, Hive, any recommendations for a beach-front all-inclusive in Costa Rica? Or should we go to the Dominican Republic or some other cool place I haven't thought of? From what I've seen, you can pretty much get married anywhere so that part isn't as important as a unique and cool destination. I don't want the Sandals-everyone's-been-there experience, if that makes sense. We are not divers, if that matters. We are runners and love kayaking, hiking, swimming, and eating. We do not fish or otherwise kill things. We'll be going in January.

I would love to hear your Caribbean travel experiences and recommendations. If there is any non-Caribbean destination you'd like to plug, that would be great to hear about as well. Thanks!
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My friend stayed here in Costa Rica and absolutely loved it.
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One of my favorite places is Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is where we stayed--they've got a wonderful restaurant on site and the rooms are lovely--drive at night to see lava flows. The Big Island is so cool--black sand beaches, volcanoes, observatories, etc...etc....and it isn't nearly as crowded as Maui or Oahu (although those places rock too).
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Oh! I was thinking Dominica sounds great for you!
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The British Virgin Islands, specifically Tortola. Went there for our honeymoon and, at the same time, attending a wedding of a friend on the beach at sunset. But don't do it in June. The poor bride had mosquito bites on all over her.
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For the Caribbean, I've always liked Grand Cayman. We've stayed here on the North Shore (just a few miles from Rum Point--which is really nice). Condo complex has a pool and pier--good snorkeling and diving around the area.
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One vote for Round Hill (in Jamaica) and La Casa Que Canta in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The latter is a little rougher and if you are in the east it's a little further away- but both are 5-star.

For Round Hill you would fly into Montego Bay. For La Casa you fly into Mexico City and change planes to Zihua.
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We got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica and it was awesome! Memail me if you want details on how we arranged it.
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I liked Culebra & Culebrita, off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Getting married on the lagoon beach of Culebrita (uninhabited nature reserve) on a nice day would be ridiculously picturesque.

Potential advantage: US territory -- a guy at work got married in Costa Rica and spent the next year and a half in paperwork hell as various lawyers & bureaucrats in two countries repeatedly lost the relevant forms, leaving him only theoretically married for quite a long time. Don't know if he just had bad luck or what, but the process frankly seemed nightmarish (from my POV, anyway).
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I feel like every time I answer an askme, I mention this place, but seriously, the Paradisus Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is amazing. It's all-inclusive, and by far the most beautiful resort I've ever been to. I got married there this summer and we brought 26 friends along. It was WAY cheaper than the other islands we looked into, and far prettier as well. I believe my mother's stay for 8 days with airfare ran around $1600. The wedding coordinators are wonderful and the prices are very reasonable.

Feel free to contact me privately for more info or pictures.
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