Birthday gift for a blogger
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Looking for a birthday gift for a blogger friend.

Female friend's birthday is coming up and she has a passion for writing/blogging. I'm looking for a gift that is special and will stand out and won't be the type that everyone else will get. As for pricing, anything around $150 seems reasonable.

Also, she already has a personal domain.
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I can't speak for her but these Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers are totally sweet. I'd also totally be excited to get an Optimus Mini Three Keyboard but I'm a boy geek so your mileage may vary.
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Is it a personal blog or does it have a focus?
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The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. And you'll have about $140 left over for a few smaller things.
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I have been craving this for so long. It's an external tablet for Mac that allows you to write by hand directly into a document, photo, etc.

It could bring her blogging to a new level; I think it would be very cool to see my favorite blogger's posts in a handwritten form.

If she's not a Mac person, I'm sure there are Windows equivalents out there.
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Some cool stuff here... I particularly like this, this (if she's a photo blogger), or this.
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Response by poster: Great ideas, keep them coming.

smalls->it's a personal blog, no specific topic
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I want a Bamboo fun as well, so one more vote for that. A Flip video camera could be nice, assuming she has some interest in adding video to her blog. The Pulse Smartpen could be handy, especially if she's a student or otherwise takes a lot of notes. Finally, a portable laptop desk or tray might be a nice idea, but I couldn't find anything really awesome to link for you.
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Oh I found one! Here's a decent laptop desk.
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Mint stat package for her blog. (30 dollars per domain)
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