Name-That-Retro-Game: top-down, moving travellator floors, color coded keys
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Name-That-Retro-Game: top-down view, moving travellator floors, possibly color coded keys. Possibly on C64, Amiga A500/600/1200 or Atari ST/E.

I've been trying to remember the name of this old game for a while and it has been nagging at my very soul. I played it years ago (many many years ago). I remember it from my gaming days as a kid - the only platforms I imagine it being on are the Amiga A500/600/1200, Atari ST/E or Commodore C64.

I wish I could narrow it down further. It was definitely top-down perspective, color (not greyscale), had these moving floor strips like little travellators (I want to say they were yellow but that's just a guess). I think the goals were puzzle driven (get the red key to open the red gate that then lets you do X, Y and Z to clear this level). I've spent the entire night trawling screenshots of classic games via Google and have had no luck.

Bonus if you can link to screenshots (then I'll know for certain that's the game!).

Please, help me preserve my sanity!
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Response by poster: Additionally:
It wasn't Marble Madness, Oxyd or Rock n Roll.
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Best answer: Random guess - Chips Challenge?

(google image search for loads of screenshots)
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Top down? So if the main character was a person, you saw head and shoulders only? Similar view to that of Alien Breed: ?
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Best answer: seconding Chip's Challenge. i re-discovered it through nostalgia, too :)
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Was it paradroid? Which, if you are interested, has been recoded for linux/windows and even expanded into an RPG. You couldn't make it up. See here.
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Heres a link for spindizzy - awesome game.
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Could it be Emerald Mine ? That was a great game I used to play on my Amiga - a German Boulderdash clone. I looked, but couldn't find a screenshot.
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There are other questions that might help out here.

For instance:

What did you control? A "man"?

How did you play? Keyboard? Mouse? Joystick?

Can you narrow down the years at all?

Commander Keen had keys, but it wasn't top down.

If we don't help enough here, come on over to Digital Press' Classic Games forum. We have a pretty darn good record of finding old classics.
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Could it be Impossible Mission? We had that on our C64. Terrific game.
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Cloak and Dagger? ( great childhood flick btw... ahhh nostalgia... )
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot everyone! It *was* Chip's Challenge.
Thanks for all your answers (you've even uncovered some other old classics I loved!), you've saved my sanity :) Hip hip hooray!
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