How to dig my money(less?) hole deeper?
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How do I get a loan, as a student?

I am 19 and in my second semester of college. I know how to get Stafford loans and that sufficed for my first year but not anymore. I am now $2,939 away from being fully paid off for this semester. Normally, I would put my work money away for that/parent's would help but because of personal reasons making that impossible I need to find another source to pay for it so I can register for classes.

So, how do I get a regular loan? I'm completely clueless.
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Best answer: Forgive me for saying something obvious, but your college's financial-aid office would be an excellent source of information.
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Yeah, check with Financial Aid. This is exactly what they're there for, and they can give you advice specific to your school and situation.
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The financial aid office at my school did almost all of my paperwork for me, when I needed a small private loan to cover a semester.
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Response by poster: Okay, Just ran up to financial aid and yeah, they were really helpful and in just a couple days I'll be good. Thanks for the obvious answer everyone.
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a lot of financial aid offices have shady lending practices like being associated with a lender or having gotten financial gifts from them, which they sometimes don't disclose. recent NYT article: Students who call colleges with financial aid questions sometimes end up talking to employees of loan companies.

make sure to compare rates. one site I heard is useful is my rich uncle. (I have not used them myself.)

further reading / all NYT:

The A-B-C’s of Calculating Financial Aid

Cracking the Books on Financial Aid

and a billion more NYT articles from the archive.
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