Miscegenation less popular than gay marriage?
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Would an anti-miscegenation referendum pass in Alabama today?

My friend thinks so, but has nothing to back it up.

I disagree, but, likewise, have nothing.

I'd love to have something at least semi-authoritative to present. If not current opinion polls on this exact question (I haven't found any), then maybe demographic stuff?

Yes, this is the result of some post-Prop 8 speculation.
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While I feel that the comparison is interesting (interracial vs homosexual marriage) and this is the kind of thing that I debate with my friends, I don't think that there is any empirical data to offer up an answer. As such, I don't know how this can be prevented from devolving into chat-filter.
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I stand corrected.
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Would an anti-miscegenation referendum pass in Alabama today?

No one would even bring it up. It would be a waste of time. Such laws were found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court many decades ago.
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The vote in 2000 is influenced by the fact that the ban was well-known to be unconstitutional. In a hypothetical world in which the constitutional question wasn't settled, there might have been a different result.
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As an Alabaman, I would say Alabamian.

Here's a breakdown of the vote by county. If you know anything about various regions of Alabama, such as the Black Belt, you could come up with some interesting conclusions (deserved or not).
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