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Chronological Classics Jazz Series

I recently became interested in finding some/any of the semi-defunct Chronological Classics Jazz series.

The Chronological Series is an amazing collection of over 1400 discs that were complied by in France. Systematically assembling every esoteric jazz classic imaginable; cleaning them up for transfer to CD; and publishing them with excellent liner notes in a series of rainbow-coloured discs. The original series was by subscription with five issues being released each month.

The French Classics label issued these discs until 2004 when it's original distributor went under. The back catalog was then acquired by Abeille Musique after Nocturne took over production and new releases resumed.

The latest batch from June of 2008:

1455 HARRY JAMES 1946 1947
1456 OSCAR PETERSON 1952 1953
1457 ELLA FITZGERALD 1954 1955
1458 BEN WEBSTER 1953 1954
1459 JOE BUSHKIN 1947 1950
1460 LUCKY MILLINDER 1951 1960
1461 STAN KENTON 1952 1953
1462 RED NICHOLS 1930 1931
1463 WARDELL GRAY 1950 1955
1464 EDDIE CONDON 1954 1955

The series is considered the greatest jazz reissue program ever undertaken.

The issues are available in places like eBay and Amazon used at a premium. The new issues are only available in French at such websites as: The current price is 6.99 euros, but the shipping is huge and the website is in French, so I am a bit intimidated to order from them.

I am posting to the brains of Ask for any additional information on these amazing issues and where to find the current and back issues. Also, just because I know I will get some great feedback from Ya'll
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If you want oop Chronologicals, go here:
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Worlds Records distributes a bunch of Chronological Classics CDs in the US (see their Benny Goodman page, e.g.), offer free shipping for orders over $25, and seems to carry new releases (I checked the Joe Bushkin you mention above).
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Any relation to this 100-disc Classic Jazz set from Amazon?
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The series actually started at #500, back in December 1989. The first in the series was Ella Fitzgerald 1935-1937.
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This thread from the All About Jazz forums has a bit more information, though some has already been shared here. Might help you out a bit.

Unless you're the OP in that forum too... Let me know if you find a way to get these. I had never heard of them before now.
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