I speak one. She'll speak two.
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I'm looking for bilingual children's book recommendations for a toddler being raised to speak English and Italian.
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Do you mean the book has to have text in both English and Italian? Or are you just looking for suitable books in both languages?
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Tomie DiPaola has a series called Strega Nona.
And there's The Sandwich, by Ian Wallace and Angela Wood, about a Canadian kid being teased for eating mortadella and provolone sandwiches. I remember this being read to me when I was very small, and really liking it when the reader overemphasized the pronunciations of the Italian words.
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Miko: I'm looking for the texts to be in both languages, so that the father could read the English text & the mother read the Italian.
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Okay..I'm no expert on that, but a search on "English-Italian bilingual children's books" did turn up some choices: One on Amazon, one at this neato worldlanguage.com site, and some at Language Lizard. I can't help if you need specific recommendations, but at least there are a lot of books published for this market!
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Pinocchio? Possibly a bit too "grown up" for a toddler, but I've seen (and tried to read, with mixed results) several bilingual versions of Le Avventure di Pinocchio. This is, emphatically, not the Disney version, but it's illustrated!
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