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How can my mom find tv shows online in England?

She wants to watch Greys Anatomy online, in England.

Ideally, it will be 1, legal
2, free
3, easy enough to do/for me to walk her through
4, legal. (yes, she said legal twice)

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As far as I can tell, Grey's is not currently showing on Five (season 3 ended in August). When it is, she can watch it over Zattoo - legally if she has a TV license.

Considering she said legal twice, I can't think of anything else. It's currently running on Living, if that helps.
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You could buy her a Slingbox and hook it up to your Tivo / cable box what-have-you at home.
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Can she set up (or can you walk her through setting up) a proxy? If so, this might fit the bill and after a one-time setup, she can use Hulu as normal.
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ABC.com has full episodes of several programs, including Grey's Anatomy.
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The best way I've found is Hotspot Shield, which is incredibly easy to use - you just launch it, navigate to Hulu (or other US-only sites), watch a bit of telly, then quit it.

It's not double legal, but it's probably, ooh, at least twice as legal as Bittorrent.
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This website aggregates links to online episodes that, unlike Hulu, do not care where you live. The people who upload those episodes are doing illegal stuff, but viewing it isn't illegal (in the U.S. anyway).
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Another tip to go along with users who have suggested the likes of Hulu.com. If your mother has problems connecting to these services abroad, set her up with either a free or cheap proxy (Google "GoTrusted"). This works beautifully for me in Viet Nam and I am able to watch all the shows that I want to watch.
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