Recommendations for IT learning websites?
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I need to refresh my memory and grow my understanding of some fundamental topics in the areas of computer and information technology. Where can I find some reputable and detailed primers online? Further details within.

Specifically, I'm looking for solid recommendations for online-based and free learning resources for the following technical subjects:

- Active Directory
- TCP/IP (including all the protocols, port information, addressing, etc.)
- SQL (primarily Microsoft SQL Server management, but also general information on writing SQL code)
- Scripting (Windows)
- Network security
- Backup/Disaster Recovery (primarily for the desktop environment)
- Microsoft Office Suite
- OS management and security (Windows desktop and server; Particularly interested in understanding user account/profile management, permissions, file shares, etc.)

I know Wikipedia is always an option but I'm hoping for resource suggestions other than that to learn from. I'm also not looking for forums, blogs, or potentially heavily-biased sites.

If the website suggstions you have were to feature especially helpful graphics, animations, interactive tools, printable guides/reference sheets, etc. that would be extremely valuable as well.

Thanks everyone!
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Well, there are tons and tons of whitepapers at Microsoft's website for all the various MS items like Active Directory. Another good place is Petri which has a lot more hands-on stuff. Ultimately you will need to get your hands on some things to play with. Reading can only take you so far.
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W3Schools covers a lot of that stuff.
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Some public libraries subscribe to the O'Reilly Safari library, which means their members can read tons of O'Reilly titles online for free. Check and see whether your library (or any library you could get a valid membership to) has an O'Reilly eBook subscription.
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Seconding O'Reilly, either free via library as above or check out their resources online.
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Pretty much all of the Microsoft-related technologies are documented via Microsoft Technet or MSDN.
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