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How can I identify duplicate and expired bookmarks?

Is there any application/software that allows you to (1) identify duplicate bookmarks you may have? I'd also like to be able to have access to a program that would run through my bookmarks and identify any dead links. Do such programs exist? More importantly, are there any free apps? I did a search of AskMeFi and couldn't find anything that answered my questions. Thanks.
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Which browser?
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Best answer: In Firefox, you can delete dupes quickly with this add-on. You can scrub dead links using this app.
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Response by poster: Oh my, this is exactly what I needed - it even shows you which folders the bookmarks are in, and lets you decide which ones to delete from - awesome! Now if only there was something similar for IE

Thank you!

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AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates.
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(... in FF, IE, and Opera.)
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