How do I wrap an outdoor deciduous tree with Christmas lights safely?
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I am looking to wrap a 12' dogwood's trunk and branches to get an effect similar to this. But if a max of 3 strands of 100 mini lights connected end to end is the recommendation for safety, how would I configure it? Thanks, Heather
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Best answer: Well, you've got a couple of options, but I think your best is to go with LED lights instead of the regular bulbs. They cost way more, but they're less of a hassle and last a lot longer, and they use way less energy... AND they can have up to 43 strands linked together. w00t!
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As well as those great ideas above the, limitation you have is 3 strands in series (in a line) - you can can have more than 3 branching off from a common 'hub'. Hard to describe.

Nice idea though.
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