nice mens jumper sweater in UK
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UK Clothes - where to get a nice chunky mens wool jumper?

Hi. I'm looking for a pure wool jumper for myself. Chunky, warm, hardwearingish. Probably grey, but would consider other colours, mixes.

Will pay a bit for a quality one with a decent cut, but would rather not pay for designer unless it's on sale.

I'm a fairly young guy, slim build.

Any ideas?
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Hmm. When I think about this sort of thing for Mr G, I head to Reiss, Austin Reed, or EWM if M&S fails me. Sometimes I have luck with Fat Face and Joy. Next is a bit too trendoid for Mr. G in a lot of ways (really trendy patterns that are so last week). That's Mr. G in my profile pic with me, though he's younger than he looks... his fashion sense is guided more by what's comfortable and non-itchy than anything else.

Btw, all of these places have massive sales on right now, and if you register with Reiss, they send you info on special bargain nights.
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I'm all about a fisherman's sweater. Plenty come in charcoal.
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H+M do some chunky jumpers, and these would probably better fit a slim build. I doubt they're pure wool, but might do you for now. You might be worth checking out Boden.
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This jumper is insanely popular this Christmas, mainly because the guy out of Take That wears it in the advert. Nice quality but the cut is nothing special.
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Response by poster: Cheers guys. Thanks for the heads up about Reiss, I like their stuff when I can get it cheaper. The fishermans/aran jumpers also look pretty cool, so between one of the those I'll probably be sorted.
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A bit late to the party but check out Uniqlo too - I've only bought women's sweaters from them, but their fit and prices are great.
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Response by poster: Wow those prices really are good. I'll have to have a look in there.
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