Networked Printers - Problem with JetDirect
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NetworkedPrinterFilter. Today while changing some old HP networked printers from static to dynamic IP addresses, I made the mistake up upgrading the firmware. Now they don't work. Anyone know how to roll back the firmware on a JetDirect card? more inside.

Two HP Laserjet 4M+, both have the J2552B JetDirect card. Download and upgrade to firmware A.05.05 was sucessful, both worked fine. Then the download manager told me they should be upgraded to A.08.49, so I went ahead and did it. Neither of them work now. Control panel and self-test report no issues internally, both report the correct firmware revision. Both however are unresponsive to any requests - I can't connect to them using the HP JetAdmin, WebJetAdmin, or Download Manager software. I can't connect using telnet. No web interface. And, of course, no printing via TCP/IP.

From what I've gathered (belatedly) from the HP forums, the JetDirect card stops playing well with 100baseT networks after upgrade. I tried plugging one in through a 10baseT hub, but still no luck connecting (not sure about the integrity of the ethernet cable i'm trying, but...).

What I'd like to do is roll back to the A.05.05 firmware, as it worked. My problem is (a) I can't find this firmware - HP is really good at making their website impossible to use, and doesn't like distributing older anything; and (b) If I can't connect to the printer through the network, how exactly do I re-flash the firmware, if I do find it?
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Does this page have what you're looking for? A bit more than halfway down the page there are some links that point to firmware for J255xx series printers, and A.05.05 is listed (do a text search for "A.05.05").
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Actually, I also found

Which has "a0505en.dld" and "", so that may be an option as well.
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Oh and about part b, I have no clue. Is there no serial or other alternative interface?
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Best answer: >(b) If I can't connect to the printer through the network, how exactly do I re-flash the firmware, if I do find it?

Crossover cable directly connected to another PC, with either a 10 mbits only card, or a card that offers the ability to force it to 10 mbits mode.

HTH. And you reminded me to try upgrading the jetdirect card I have. Thanks! (Too bad you can't upgrade the jetdirect cards for laserjet IIs).
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